• Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale with VeSync app on smartphone
  • Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale with VeSync app on smartphone
  • Sync Up

    Keep track of all your fitness stats by connecting to the free VeSync app in seconds.

12 Essential Biometrics

  • 6mm Tempered Glass

  • Anti-Skid Padding

  • Rounded Corners

  • Wide Platform

  • BIA Technology

    Gauge your overall fitness with 12 essential biometrics. Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) technology runs a harmless, low-amplitude electrical current through your body using the 4 electrodes on the scale’s weighing platform.

    The scale uses the resistance from tissue in your body to calculate various biometrics like Body Fat, Body Water, and Muscle Mass.

12 Essential Biometrics

  • BMR

  • Fat-Free Body Weight

  • Metabolic Age

  • Weight

  • Body Water

  • Visceral Fat

  • Body Fat

  • Protein

  • Subcutaneous Fat

  • Bone Mass

  • BMI

  • Muscle Mass

    • Daily Data Graph

      Track your progress throughout the day, from morning to evening.
    • Weekly Data Graphs

      Stay updated on how your week is going with weekly data graphs.
    • Monthly Data Graphs

      Track your trends over the course of a month with convenient data graphs.

Include Friends & Family

Partner up for success by creating up to 8 unique user profiles on the VeSync app.
  • For the Whole Family

    Easily measure even your smallest and furriest family members with Baby Mode that can be used for both babies and pets.
  • On the Go

    Check all your stats through the VeSync app, or sync with your favorite fitness app.

Share Your Progress

Export your data from the app to seamlessly share with friends, family, and health professionals.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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