New Year’s Plan for Success
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New Year’s Plan for Success

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New Year’s Plan for Success

When it comes to fitness, the new year is a great opportunity to update your body goals and create a plan of action. While making a New Year's plan is fun and essential for success, staying motivated throughout the year can be difficult. So how do you create a New Year’s plan that will keep you on track?
Keep reading to find out how you can plan for success in 2024.


Etekcity Smart Scales

Our selection of Etekcity smart scales provides an easy way for you to customize your New Year’s plan.


Benefits of Etekcity Smart Scales:

  • Stay motivated with data charts that show your progress over time
  • Customize unique body goals to fit your New Year’s plan
  • Share your progress and body goals with friends
  • Organize all your exercise and fitness data in one place
  • Create multiple profiles so the whole family can join the fun If you’re looking for the ultimate, all-in-one smart scale, we recommend the Etekcity HR Smart Fitness Scale. With 14 biometric measurements, this smart scale knows fitness is about far more than your weight. Using BIA (bioelectrical impedance) technology, this scale provides a full body composition analysis in seconds.

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Etekcity Fitness Tracker

The Etekcity Smart Fitness Tracker is an easy way to step up your New Year’s plan. Push yourself further and reach your goals faster with the Etekcity Smart Fitness Tracker. Track steps, monitor sleep, select preset training modes, and sync your data to other fitness apps to get the most out of every workout.


Nutrition Scales & Kitchen Scales

Bring flavor and fitness together with a fun nutrition plan. Researching your diet habits or consulting a healthcare professional about your nutritional needs are great places to start. With an Etekcity smart scale, you can precisely plan your meals with VeSync and track your progress.


Benefits of Etekcity Smart Scales:

  • Track your nutrition data with VeSync
  • Switch between units of measurement
  • Tare the weight of bowls and containers
  • Get precise measurements in small increments


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Following a year-long plan may seem intimidating—even overwhelming—and that’s okay. Take everything one day at a time and be kind to yourself. You can do this! Shop Now to get started.

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